Votex™ Flail Shredders

FLV shredderFLVs are specifically designed for pulverizing orchard prunings, with a large diameter rotor, heavy “claw” flails, low enclosed double-skinned hood and rear tines. They can mulch wood and debris up to 4″ thick. Running on a height adjustable, full width rear roller, with sealed bearings, allows quick work rates and there is a mechanical offset available as standard, though hydraulics are optional.

• Large “claw” Flails to pulverize 4”diameter wood
• Heavy double skin hood
• Optional tines for increased mulching
• Internal Roller bearings


Model Cutting Width Min. HP Weight
FLV125  4’1″(1.25m) 25 HP 470 kg
FLV150 4″11″ (1.50m) 30 HP 525 kg
FLV175 5’9″ (1.75m) 35 HP 590 kg
FLV200 6’5″ (2.00m) 40HP  665kg
FLV225 7’4″ (2.25m) 45HP 690kg




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