Warwick Orchards & Nursery Ltd

Established in 1967 ,Warwick Orchards & Nursery Ltd. provides quality fruit trees to commercial orchard growers throughout Ontario and beyond. The trees are grown on sandy loam soil to ensure a well developed root system for your success. Rootstock is imported from the Netherlands and is certified to be virus free by ‘Naktuinbow’

Honeycrisp™, Gala™, and Ginger Gold™ are just a few of the apples grown in our orchards. For the pear lover, we have the ever-popular Bartlett pear.

Looking for Orchard Equipment and Supplies?  Warwick Orchards & Nursery Ltd. has everything from quality shredders, mowers and sprayers to tree ties, pruners and picking buckets.

Since 1967, Warwick Orchards and Nursery Ltd has supplied quality orchard and nursery products throughout Ontario and beyond.

Choose quality, choose a proven track record, choose stability, choose Warwick Orchards and Nursery Ltd.